The close partnership between Vocational High Schools (SMK) with industry and the world of work (IDUKA) is believed to be able to increase the absorption of vocational graduates. However, establishing a partnership between SMK and IDUKA is not an easy matter, in the midst of the absence of an understanding that both parties need each other. Vocational schools need IDUKA to obtain the latest technology information and work practices. Likewise, parents need SMK to prepare skilled and work-ready workers.

Artikel Tiga Tiga Indonesia has sought to encourage partnerships between SMK and IDUKA by facilitating the signing of a memorandum of understanding between three private SMKs and DPP APINDO Central Java. The three SMKs are SMK Maarif NU Kudus, SMK Muhammadiyah Salam 2 Cepu and SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Magelang. The signing of the MOU was held at the Maarif Vocational School in Kudus Regency at the beginning of last Ramadan, April 6, 2022 to be exact. The MOU signing was attended by the Head of the Central Java APINDO DPP, Mr. Frans with the Secretary General, all three Heads of SMK, representatives of Artikel Tiga Tiga Indonesia and PATTIRO Semarang.

The MOU signing is expected to have Central Java APINDO DPP committed to facilitate the vocational cooperation with business actors under APINDO Central Java.

The MOU signing happened in the holy month of Ramadan has an important meaning and is the beginning to implement a close partnership between SMK and IDUKA in Central Java in the future. With this MOU, it is hoped that there will be no more stigma from the parents towards SMK which is often considered as an obstacle to build cooperation between SMK and IDUKA.