Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Health Service


Although the government has made various efforts to achieve equality for persons with disabilities, the results received have not reached the target yet. A study conducted by MAMPU related to the disability inclusion strategy (2018) stated that most persons with disabilities in Indonesia are from poor families and do not have access to good health services because of these welfare problems.

In addition to the above conditions, this study also found something similar from secondary data analysis, up until now there are many people with disabilities who still have difficulty accessing health services due to not having health insurance and experiencing rejection in health facilities services.

This book describes the results of a study that provides an overview of health services access for persons with disabilities, both physical and non-physical. In addition, there is also an in-depth study of the efforts of local governments to improve accessibility so that they can be used as best practices for each region.

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“Accessibility of Persons with Disabilities to Health Services”

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