Inclusive forest management is crucial considering the previous policy was more elite. It was like self-managed by the nation or giving licenses to big businessmen. Whereas people were just the audience and at times considered as “the criminals” just because they took a little from the forest goods.

As with any other government programs that are well-planned, the results are not completely as expected. Yet, others are pretty successful.

This book shows some of the success stories. Through the narrated stories, it has been proven that the Social Forestry program did not only stop forest destruction but has also increased the economic welfare, respected customary community rights and the people around the forest, and expanded people’s participation to keep and sustain its existence.

In the book you are reading, there are around eight interesting stories about inclusive Social Forest Funding in Bantaeng and Enrekang Districts, South Sulawesi also in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara. It is related to how they manage the Social Forest and the impact on the existing present social system.

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