[IDF] IDF 2019 Elected Speaker: Agus Pratiwi Encourages Inclusive Rural Development Policy for Women


“The recommendation is, of course, designing the village development policy package as a policy that has gender concerns,” said Pratiwi.

Agus Pratiwi is the Program Manager and Researcher of the Social Policy Division at Article 33 Indonesia, a research institute for social change in the form of associations. Agus’s research has been very much in the issues of gender, employment, and rural development. This graduate of Padjajaran University also teaches at his alma mater, precisely at the Faculty of Law. Before working in Article 33, Agus Pratiwi was active in LBH Jakarta and Rechtswinkel Tilburg.

Regarding PKTD in Pratiwi’s research, this program is aimed at achieving the target of creating 5 million to 6.6 million workers in rural areas. In the Article33 page, Pratiwi writes, in addition to encouraging community participation in village development, the 30 percent allocation of village funds for labor-intensive programs aims to create temporary employment and increase the purchasing power of people in rural areas. In addition, PKTD is expected to increase women’s access to village community participation and empowerment.


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