[FKP at Article 33] Economic valuation of the upland ecosystem of Bogowonto, Central Java


At the FKP hosted by Article 33 on 28 January 2016Umi Purnamasari (Article 33) argued that mountain ecosystems are meritorious on keeping ecological balance, yet people are rarely conscious about how much it has served us, let alone the value of such services. It is important for us to assess the value, in term of money, of what’s left, so we could imagine how much we’d loss if we further exploit the ecosystems. Hopefully, the results of such assessment could be used as a reference for managing the ecosystems, especially in the upstream area. Umi presented a research which aims to create clusters according to human activities in upstream Bogowonto.

The study grouped the ecosystem in Bogowonto into three: biotic (water), abiotic (land cover), and culture (human activities). Umi quantified each group using various methods. First, to assess land cover’s value, Umi calculated its NPP (Net Primary Production) and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index). Then, Umi searched its equivalence value of money. Second, to estimate water storage, Umi used Thornthwaite Mather procedure, while two methods—Basic Residual Method and Willingness to Pay of costumer acquired by interview—were used to estimate its value. Third, Umi quantified human activity by building Human Activity Index using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Finally, by using Hierarchical Cluster Analysis Umi created four clusters within Bogowonto, each with different properties.

Cluster 1 has characteristics of sloping topography, high level of human activity, and the dominance of land use are mostly for mixed garden, rain fed lowland; protection and production forest are still present in this cluster. Then, Cluster 2 has characteristics of sloping topography with medium level of human activity and most land are used for irrigation and mixed garden. These two cluster are appropriate for cultivation area. For cluster 3, it has characteristics of steep topography with low levels of human activity and most land are used for protected and limited production forest. Umi recommended this cluster for protection area. Finally, Cluster 4 with sloping topography with low human activity and dominated by mixed garden. This cluster is appropriate for cultivation area.

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Presentation file 28 January 2016 Purnamasari Economic valuation of an upland ecosystem in Bogowonto, Central Java


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