Geographic Information System Training


Article 33 Indonesia researchers received Geographic Information System (GIS) training in order to increase the capacity of the team. This training was conducted in several sessions for 4 days of training on 17-18 February and 12-13 March 2020. There is some material presented in this GIS training which is about the introduction of ArcCatalog, the introduction of ArcMap, introduction, and analysis of vector data, introduction and analysis of raster data and layout of topographic maps and thematic maps.

Geographic Information System (GIS) training was facilitated by several people. Agus M. Maulana (CIFOR) as the team leader was assisted by several assistants from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Desiana Zulvianita, Esther Adinda, and Muhammad Yarzugh Zakka. In addition to providing material on GIS, this training also provides examples of case studies that can be applied by Article 33 Indonesia researchers. With this training, Article 33 Indonesia researchers can conduct spatial analysis involving raster data, vector data and can make layouts on topographic maps and thematic maps.


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